Welcome to Leading Women (Education)

Our vision is to support, nourish and grow school leaders in order that they have an enriching experience of 21st century headship. We have particular expertise in developing women leaders, understanding the importance of encouraging, networking and apprenticing women into headship. We network women leaders and coach individuals in order to provide practical and collaborative solutions to school leadership and management issues.

We believe that knowledgeable, skilful and insightful heads, who thrive in their leadership, are able to positively influence school communities, and empower children and young people to love school, to achieve and lead successful lives. We help leaders to develop these qualities and skills through personalised professional development and coaching. We also design and facilitate bespoke professional leadership development programmes for individual schools, for groups of schools and teaching school alliances or trusts.

As experienced headteachers ourselves, as national leaders and facilitators of national leadership development programmes, we use our expertise, knowledge, skills and national networks to grow leaders into headship. We respond to the professional development needs of school leaders at each stage of their leadership journey - whether as aspiring heads, serving heads or moving beyond headship.

Leading Women

With our wealth of experience in school leadership, we provide practical solutions as well as inspiring professional learning in the theory and practice of school leadership for women.

Through coaching and bespoke professional development programmes, we aim to encourage women into headship, support those in headship (particularly new heads) and empower those moving beyond headship.

We aim to widen the pool of diverse school leaders who will have a positive impact on our schools and their young people.

As members of the Leading Women’s Alliance (LWA) - Carol as co-founder and Chair - we contribute, with other founder members of the Alliance, to the implementation of the Women into Headship Strategic Plan, which developed from The Summit of 2016.
For more information about the history of the Alliance and the outcomes of last year’s Leading Women to Headship Summit click here.


What we do

Facilitate training.
We deliver and facilitate training for existing leadership organisations. We also facilitate on our own bespoke CPDL programmes.

Design CPDL
We design CPDL programmes for and with school leaders and teaching schools, using the theory and practice of effective CPDL curriculum design in developing a cohesive approach to school improvement.

We coach and support school leaders as individuals and teams. We coach and support people in their current roles as well as helping them take the next step.


Women Prepare for Headship:
Making applications. Plus top-tips for new heads - finance and monitoring/evaluation

Saturday 8 February 2020

10.00 - 15.00
​​​​​​​At Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School
Islington, London