About Us

Our Values- We Believe That…

  • Every young person has the right to the best possible life opportunities, irrespective of their background, and that education provides that opportunity – education changes lives
  • Effective school leadership is central to students’ success and skilful school leaders know how to grow others. School leadership is a privilege which is both challenging and enriching and which teaches us so much about young people, our staff, parents and ourselves. We are stewards of our schools and the power that this brings needs to be handled with integrity and care.
  • School leadership needs to reflect the diverse communities that they serve. This demands a challenge to the status quo of school leadership which currently shows an imbalance in the ethnicity and gender of headship
  • Networks of headteachers and school leaders are key to problem-solving and growing leadership teams. We are the best people to lead the professional development of our school’s leaders

What Makes Us Different

  • We are successful and experienced headteachers who understand the leadership landscape because we have had a national as well as local brief. We believe that school leaders themselves have the expertise to develop the next generation of headteachers
  • We have national leadership responsibilities and have developed a large network of school leaders who have a range of expertise to share across the network
  • Our own professional and personal backgrounds ensure that we are able to draw on an eclectic approach to leadership development
  • We are specialists in developing and delivering professional development for women school leaders. With over forty years’ experience of research and engagement in addressing gender and diversity inequality in education we have developed a portfolio of CPD programmes and workshops specifically for women leaders
  • We make a commitment to honouring and naming others’ work, being particularly mindful of the often invisible work of marginalised groups.
  • Carol Jones chairs the Leading Women’s Alliance and steers the Leading Women to Headship Strategic Plan, ensuring that the work of the Alliance is cited as a collaborative endeavour
  • We are independent and therefore accountable only to our own clients, their schools and their pupils and students, not government, national or commercial organisations.
  • We are eternally optimistic and pride ourselves on supporting our clients through any challenge with integrity and compassion

Our Team


Cheryl Day

Cheryl has been a secondary school senior leader for almost thirty years, twenty of which have been as a successful headteacher in East London, leading her school from satisfactory to outstanding. In 2010, she was awarded an honorary doctorate for services to education. She has been a National Leader in Education since 2011, having previously been a Local Leader in Education. She has used both roles to support and coach others on their leadership journeys. As a Consultant Leader for the London Leadership Strategy, she has supported secondary schools within London and beyond. Cheryl experience as an Ofsted Inspector. Cheryl supports governing boards on headship recruitment interviews.

Cheryl says, “I passionately believe that all young people should have the best opportunities to achieve in order that they may lead rewarding and happy lives. I also believe that teachers and support staff are the most important resource in meeting this aspiration. These beliefs underpin my own leadership and my work with others”.

Cheryl uses the 5-Step coaching model and has undertaken an ILM-accredited Executive Coaching programme. She has significant experience in coaching new and aspiring middle and senior leaders, as well as supporting school leaders leading change in challenging circumstances.

Cheryl has worked in partnership with The Leading Women’s Alliance as Headteacher of one of the Alliance schools, bringing to the group the wisdom that longevity and experience brings, as well as experience of research and action on gender and diversity inequality.


Carol Jones

Carol has 20 years’ secondary school leadership experience, including two successful turnaround headships of London secondary schools and one headship of a Pupil Referral Unit.

Carol had a career change between headships where she trained as a homoeopath and person-centred therapist, going on to run a busy London alternative health practice for five years. Through this positive and transformational experience she developed a deeper understanding of leading people and change through challenging circumstances which was ideal preparation for her final twelve years of headship in turnaround schools facing numerous challenges.

In 2015 Carol became national Leadership and Teacher Professionalism Specialist for the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL). This, plus secondment to The Future Leaders Trust as Director of Headship, enabled her to coach and facilitate CPDL for aspiring school leaders as well as for new headteachers. Carol has a passion for designing and delivering CPDL, having developed ASCL’s CPDL guidance. She developed ASCL’s Equalities and Diversity Strategic Plan, central to which is the Equalities Network which serves to support school leaders in order to develop greater diversity in school leadership.

Carol says, “my values are informed by my passionate commitment to equality and diversity, to ensuring that all students have improved life chances, and to encouraging and growing staff through elemental leadership development”. During her headship Carol coached many of her own staff into headship.

In 2015 Carol co-founded and chaired the Leading Women’s Alliance which aims to empower more women into headship. She continues to be a committed leader of the LWA, bringing to the group more than forty years’ experience of research and action on gender and diversity inequality in schools.

Carol draws on a range of coaching model for coaching and mentoring teachers and leaders and is currently revisiting a person-centred approach to coaching through an ILM-accredited Executive Coaching programme.