Leading Women

With specific expertise in the professional development of women leaders in schools and colleges and our extensive research and experience in school leadership, we provide practical solutions as well as inspiring professional learning for women leaders. We deliver training and coach women into headship, whether as aspiring heads, existing heads (particularly those new to headship) and those moving on from headship.

Carol chairs the Leading Women’s Alliance (LWA) and, as active members, both Carol and Cheryl contribute, with others, to the implementation of its Women into Headship Strategic Plan. We aim to encourage more women into headship, in order to address the gender imbalance at headship level.

We have a particular focus on the following:

  • Creating a pool of serving women leaders who coach and apprentice other women into headship.
  • Developing a professional learning framework made up of workshops and programmes for women into headship, which anchors sound knowledge and skills to confidence and deep leadership.
  • Providing recruitment and interview experience for women applying for headship.

The Leading Women to Headship Strategic Plan

This is independent work and we are, therefore, accountable only to our own clients, their schools and their pupils and students, not government, national or commercial organisations.